COVID-19 linked to rise in heart attacks among 25-44 year-olds | KXL Radio Portland | 2/1/23

Dr. Fahmi Farah of Bentley Heart was recently featured on KXL in Portland, OR, to discuss a new study from the Smith Heart Institute at the Cedars Cyanide Medical Center. This new study shows a 30% increase in heart attacks amongst adults between the ages of 25 and 44, and Dr. Farah believes that COVID-19 is the most likely culprit.

Dr. Farah highlighted the importance of the study in providing perspective on what is being seen in her patients, while acknowledging that more studies need to be conducted to fully understand the impact of the vaccine. She also expressed her belief that the current evidence indicates that the problem is caused by the virus itself.

Tune into KXL to hear Dr. Fahmi Farah’s complete interview with Tim Lance of FM News 101. Dr. Farah’s insight and expertise will help to further inform us on the dangers of COVID-19 and how it can affect our hearts.