National Heart Month & Heart Disease in Women | KXL Radio Portland | 2/24/23

KXL recently asked Dr. Fahmi Farah to come on the air in Portland, OR to discuss the importance of heart health, especially for women.

Dr. Farah shared that heart disease is still the number one killer of men and women in the US, and that women often begin having heart trouble earlier in life.

She explained that women can begin experiencing heart damaging high blood pressure in their 20s, debunking the belief that heart disease is only a “man’s disease.” To reduce their risk of heart disease, Dr. Farah recommends women learn about risk factors such as diet, smoking, and lack of exercise.

While heart disease is the number 1 killer, it is also a preventable disease and the sooner you start the better. Start by knowing your risk factors, because Knowledge is power. Get your red on ❤️