What are the health risks of a popular sugar alternative? | KRLD Dallas, TX | 4/1/23

KRLD recently asked Fahmi Farah, M.D. to come on the air in Dallas, TX to discuss the dangers of Erythritol, a sugar replacement commonly used in a variety of grocery products—especially those marketed as keto-friendly. Dr. Farah warns that people seeking to lose weight must focus on doing it in a healthy way that takes the heart’s health into account, rather than just losing weight. Earlier studies have suggested that artificial sweeteners cause inflammation, and the recently-published Erythritol study found that this ingredient dramatically raises the risk of heart attack and stroke. Dr. Farah says that more studies may come out confirming these findings and leading to regulatory action, possibly resulting in the Erythritol bomb being removed from the shelves of supermarkets. He also mentioned that the sweetener promotes blood clotting factors, leading to an increased risk of both heart attack and stroke. While it is difficult to avoid Erythritol entirely, Dr. Farah recommends the Mediterranean diet, which lose weight while still being healthy for pretty much every organ system. He emphasizes the importance of moderation in diet and exercise, which can prevent 80% of heart disease.