‘Dr. Google’ may be misinforming 40% of Americans about their health | KNX Radio Los Angeles, CA | 4/19/23

KNX recently asked Fahmi Farah, M.D. to come on the air in Los Angeles, CA to discuss the issue of Googling medical symptoms. Dr. Farah, a cardiologist, emphasized the danger of relying on online symptom checkers, citing that the information isn’t always accurate. In fact, Dr. Farah shared that some of her patients refused to take necessary medication based on something they read on social media.

Dr. Farah stressed the importance of finding trustworthy sources for health information. Doing a shallow dive into symptoms is okay as long as the information comes from reliable sources. For example, Dr. Farah suggested getting information from organizations such as the American Heart Association. However, she highly cautioned against relying on health claims found on TikTok and other social media platforms as they could be misleading.

It can be scary and confusing when it comes to health issues, which is why it is essential to rely on credible sources when seeking answers online. Dr. Farah’s interview reminds everyone to be mindful of where they get their health information.

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